Designers Statement

Shopping carts are the very first and last touch point retailers have with shoppers. This critical "touch point" should excite and leave lasting good impressions, Markitcarts do this - even exciting shoppers enough to talk about them as a beneficial point of difference - Mark Fraser, multi-award wining architect, designer and global owner of MarkitCarts.

Markitcart M200

M200 - Technical Specifications

To ensure strength, durabilty and minimal maintenace Markitcarts comprise only 2 main parts each injection molded as one single piece. 

MC 200 Specs

Basket Capacity : : 190 Litres, or 11,600 cu. in.

Stacking Distance : : 210 mm, or 8 in.

Wheels : : 125 mm diameter, or 5 in.

Weight : : 13.8 kg, or 29 lbs.

Material : : Recyled polypropylene

Markitcart M120

M120 Technical specifications


Basket Capacity :: 130 Liters

Stacking Distance :: 150mm

Wheels :: 100mm (4")

Weight :: 11kg (5.5lbs)

Material :: Polypropylene


1. Solid side walls or walls with holes

2. Wheels, type and brands as requested including Tente. Markitcart Brand wheels are shown above.

3. Coin locks + cup holders

4. Can be coloured to suit retailer or advertiser C.I.

International Standards Compliance

USATM F 2372-04 , AS / NZS 3847.1-1999,  BSEN 1929-1-1998