Thrillingly Obvious

Markitcarts are innovatively made from recyled plastic to positively demonstrate how plastic packaging used by retailers worldwide can be recycled. Markitcarts are multi-award winning, designed in Australia and provide benefits far beyond any other cart.


Markitcarts are ergonomically designed for shoppers, they're half the weight of steel carts, quiet and don't damage cars. From the moment shoppers touch a Markitcart they love them.


Markitcarts provide an easy way for retailers to update stores, eliminate the noise of steel shopping carts and reduce costs. Markitcarts increase shopper loyalty, allow shopping cart fleets to become standalone profit centres and since they're made from recycled plastic they clearly demonstrate a retailers committment to sustainability.


Where shoppers buy is where it all counts. Advertisers using Markitcarts can target desired demographic groups at specific locations at CPM and OTS rates well below comparable outdoor media.


Markitcarts have undergone extensive development and testing in the harshest of climates. They are proven to withstand the rigours of being handled by thousands of shoppers every day in extremely hot and sub zero climates and we commenced in 2003. Since then we've secured the support of Sir Richard Branson and operated through a dealer network which was replaced by global direct sales model in 2015.

About Us

The team behind Markitcarts is lead by it's founder and owner Mark Fraser a New Zealander passionate about "better by design" and building lasting new world businesses. He is supported globally by highly respected individuals including Sir Richard Branson a leader and global advocate for sustainabilty.

Awards Won

Best Product : : Best Design Awards, New Zealand

Best Product : : Design Institute of Australia

Award of Merit : : Design Institute of Australia

People's Choice Award : : ABC TV Series, New Inventors